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Falls Alert

The Falls Alert system utilises radar technology for real-time falls detection, ensuring user dignity and comfort. Designed for privacy, it sends instant alerts upon detecting a fall, enabling swift assistance while maintaining respect for personal space.

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What is the Falls Alert?

The Falls Alert is an innovative fall detection system designed to enhance safety within the home environment.

Utilising advanced proprietary radar technology, this device is uniquely tailored to detect falls in real-time, ensuring rapid response and assistance.

It’s a perfect solution for maintaining the dignity and privacy of individuals, as it operates without the need for invasive cameras.

How Does it Work?

  1. Room Scanning: Falls Alert continuously scans the room using its radar technology, vigilantly monitoring for potential falls.

  2. Fall Detection: It is adept at detecting falls from various positions – whether standing, seated, or from the bed.

  3. Instant Alert: Upon detecting a fall, the device promptly sends an alert through the app to designated family members or caregivers, enabling them to take immediate action.

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