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Secure Max Security is excited to extend our expertise as an NDIS Provider, not only serving individual NDIS participants but also catering to larger organizations such as aged care facilities and NDIS centres.

We are dedicated to offering state-of-the-art assistance products for personal care, safety, and household tasks, enhancing the lives of NDIS participants with efficiency and compassion.

Secure Max Security

Our Products

Safety Pendant

The Safety Pendant is a lightweight, easy-to-use device offering emergency SMS alerts and location pinpointing through GPS and mobile network technology. Equipped with a built-in speakerphone, it ensures immediate voice contact and enhances user safety.

Falls Alert

The Falls Alert system utilises radar technology for real-time falls detection, ensuring user dignity and comfort. Designed for privacy, it sends instant alerts upon detecting a fall, enabling swift assistance while maintaining respect for personal space.

Nurse Call Systems

Our Nurse Call systems are essential for NDIS and aged care facilities. With advanced IP technology, they offerslife safety solutions and immediate communication to staff, enhancing response efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Max Security stands out as an NDIS Provider with a commitment to enhancing lives through innovative safety and care solutions. Our expertise in personal and household security is now extended to NDIS participants, ensuring top-notch, user-friendly products and services. We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions, from advanced safety pendants to comprehensive nurse call systems, catering to both individual and facility needs. With a proven track record in delivering excellence and a passionate team dedicated to compassionate care, choosing us means choosing a partner who truly understands and values your safety and independence.

Secure Max Security

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