Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring is the communication between your security system and our central station. In the event that your burglar alarm system is activated your alarm system immidiantly starts transmitting signals in realtime through  to our monitoring station.

In the most basic sense, alarm monitoring is having a live human waiting to provide protection when your alarm activates. Similar to a 000 operator, these representatives are trained to interpret your emergency, take precautionary steps to verify if the alert was an accident and notify the proper authorities in a time sensitive manner.

A alarm panel interprates signals from the main controls for all of the alarm devices assigned. Those devices almost always include door and window sensors and some type of motion detection. Beyond that you can have smoke, heat and flood detectors, medical pendants and other devices that detect emergency and send an electronic signal to the control panel with detailed information. Your alarm panel will also have codes and manual buttons that supply information.