Preventative Maintenance

The brain of your entire security system is the control panel. Every signal passes through it, and it interprets those signals to know when to activate any alarms.

If you have CCTV included in your system, Have them regularly checked to make sure they have adequate power, are aimed properly and have not been vandalised. Recording head-end device needs to also be thoroughly tested & verified for each individual camera so that it is most importantly programmed to work at its best at getting the image and proccessing the recording appropriately.

Request Half-year or Annual Inspections!

An inspection completed by our qualified technicians help ensure everything stays running optimally for years to come. Our technicians perform a more thorough check on all the components of the system and advice you on any faults or urgent repairs needed that is not performing at 100%.

This helps prevent more expensive repairs down the road and also reduces the risk of System Failures.

  • Visual inspection of devices
  • Walk-test of system components
  • Cleaning of devices as needed
  • Verification of communication link
  • Reduces unexpected repair costs
  • Provides rapid response and reduces system downtime
  • Drives operational efficiency
  • Maintenance work performed by professionally trained and certified technicians