Strata Security Services

Building Security Systems

The Security of a building is always of the utmost importance to any strata management. Security systems face several challenges including the prevention of trespassing, burglaries, vandalism and improper use of facilities.

With our solutions for Residential or Commercial buildings, you can create a secure environment that’s easy to control. From exterior entryways, through to interior areas and elevators in the building, we help you design a fully tailored security system to protect the building and tenants.

Different types of properties

No security system is the same. Buildings systems will differ from Residential and Commercial with objectives that are different for each type of facility.

In the majority of cases, a security system for a Commercial building presents a more comprehensive solution than a typical Reisdential building but nonetheless both can comprise:

  • Access control including multi-layered access control
  • Perimeter security CCTV
  • Various sensors and detectors, such as infrared, microwave or laser sensors
  • Intruder alarms
  • Fire detection system

All of the above systems can be integrated into a single complex security solution thanks to flexibility, scalability, and control that can be achieved.

We offer our technical services with years of expierience.

Specialise Supply & Repairs in:
  1. CCTV – Systems ncluding:  AHD,IP,TVI,SDI,HDCVI.

  2. Alarms – Systems including: Bosch Alarms, Hills, DSC, Inner range & more.

  3. Intercom – Systems including: Residential , Multi Tennant , Commercial.

  4. Access Control – Systems including, Standalone , Commercial, Integrated.