Intercom Systems

Entrances to your home or business, intercoms can be used to increase productivity by allowing you to communicate quickly between door-stations, even communicating with more than one person in group calls. There are also hands-free systems available. This quick and simple form of messaging can allow for faster communication between divisions.

In homes, not only are intercoms a convenient and easy way of answering calls from the main door but you can now call family members in various parts of the house or not even be home now with cloud base app you can control entry access from any location.


Some intercom systems rely purely on audio, while others also incorporate video. Both types are effective, and if cost is a major factor then an audio system might be better for you. Video can be very helpful as it can be recorded and used in conjunction with CCTV footage to identify visitors, and most importantly anyone who should and shouldn’t be in the building.

It’s possible to improve your security considerably by utilising a combination of equipment.

If your requirements are for a larger site with multiple doors then we can offer many types of system but for easy installation and reliability we can offer a digital bus system which works on two wires. These systems are a solution when the client is working to a budget which cuts down costly wiring and time installing and commissioning or when wiring has become faulty and unreliable.

For large sites we can fit access control systems that are fully controlled from your PC giving you full control over the site, also employe’s level of security and clearance to restricted areas. We can design the layout of the system to your requirements including mechanical code locks for low security doors, biometrics, door closers, mechanical locks or magnetic locks for controlled areas.

We offer a full range of services, ranging from small residential to multi door, multi apartment buildings, and everything in between.We can offer you a no obligation quote now, so contact us for more information.

Also we can offer a package to suit the style of the site or property with a range of new and innovative products. All installations will add value to your property and if your thinking of selling your property they are an added selling point to prospective buyers.

If you wish to install a state of the art intercom system or just looking to upgrade your existing system, look no further. We can provide video entry systems to suit your budget from low cost to crystal finished luxury video entry systems, a design and site analysis and client preferences will all be considered in designing a system that will be stylish and reliable for years to come, we can design the new system to be fully integrated with your existing security systems to bring greater security.